Celestial Eye are adorable classic exotic goldfish. This fish are extremely easy recognizable with its eyes as like as sight-gazing the star. Hand-selected for unique coloration and overall superior health, these exotic goldfish are tended to by the Pet Solutions husbandry staff following their importation. Hardy and long-lived, they can survive cooler temperatures. Extended periods below 15ºC or above 25ºC may not be tolerated well. Because they need some vegetable matter, they may cause damage to finer-leaved plants, but typically do no damage to thicker, hardy bog plants. While flake food will suffice for these fish, many aquatic professionals recommend a good-quality pellet food of no more than 30% protein to help keep these premium specimens in ideal health.

· Product ID: CEL001

· Scientific name: Carassius auratus auratus

· Description: Red Celestial Eye

· Type: topview

· Sex: male

· Size: 12-13 cm

· Category: junior

· Origin: China

· Temprament: peaceful

· Diet: omnivore

· Ease of care: easy

· Approx. adult size: 6-8 inches

· Price: contact us for further details

· Grade:

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