It is important to note that just like all other goldfish and koi, these fish will have color changes as they get older. Small Butterfly Moors will have very little color. When Butterfly Moors reach maturity they may be black and white, black and white and orange, pure white, or any variation of those colors. They can survive cooler temperatures. Extended periods below 15ºC or above 25ºC may not be tolerated well. Because they need some vegetable matter, they may cause damage to finer-leaved plants, but typically do no damage to thicker, hardy bog plants. While flake food will suffice for these fish, many aquatic professionals recommend a good-quality pellet food of no more than 30% protein to help keep these premium specimens in ideal health.

· Product ID: MOR006

· Scientific name: Carassius auratus auratus

· Description: Red Butterfly Moor

· Type: topview

· Sex: male

· Size: 13-14 cm

· Category: junior

· Origin: China

· Temprament: peaceful

· Diet: omnivore

· Ease of care: average

· Approx. adult size: 6-8 inches

· Price: contact us for further details

· Grade:

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