This RAN042 is Blue Base Calico Ranchu, but I wonder the description is not compatible with the goldfish since RAN042 has red color more than the blue base color. hehe... Okay, let's name him as "Calico Ranchu", that's enough. What I would to explain to you in this page is RAN042 has very smooth back. Maybe you can not see clearly in the photos. But I guarantee you that his back is smooth and perfect, besides his coloration and head also amazing.

· Product ID: RAN042

· Scientific name: Carassius auratus auratus

· Description: Calico Ranchu

· Type: sideview

· Sex: male

· Size: 12-13 cm

· Category: junior

· Origin: China

· Temprament: peaceful

· Diet: omnivore

· Ease of care: easy

· Approx. adult size: 6-8 inches

· Price: contact us for further details

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