This RYU029 is a Tricolor Ryukin shorttail that looks like a Sioux Indian man. LOL. For you who wants to have a rare coloration of Ryukin and great quality, RYU029 is the right choice. I wonder that Rini Lovelyluna will adopt this fish if she founds this page in advance. :D Let's adopt RYU029 now. Soon!

· Product ID: RYU029

· Scientific name: Carassius auratus auratus

· Description: Tricolor Ryukin

· Type: sideview

· Sex: female

· Size: 14-15 cm

· Category: senior

· Origin: China

· Temprament: active

· Diet: omnivore

· Ease of care: easy

· Approx. adult size: 6-8 inches

· Price: contact us for further details

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