RYU042 is looks like bad boy. LOL. He is tricolor Ryukin goldfish with high and bulged hump. His coloration is so much interesting and unique. Please find this tricolor pattern in Indonesia and you will find almost nothing (maybe). You can enjoy RYU042 swims in your aquarium everyday if you can adopt this high grade Ryukin.

· Product ID: RYU042

· Scientific name: Carassius auratus auratus

· Description: Tricolor Ryukin

· Type: sideview

· Sex: male

· Size: 12-13 cm

· Category: junior

· Origin: China

· Temprament: active

· Diet: omnivore

· Ease of care: easy

· Approx. adult size: 6-8 inches

· Price: contact us for further details

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