ABOUT US (Together we make Goldfish Golden Era)

What Nevada Goldfish is

Nevada Goldfish are professional innovator and goldfish promoter which dedicated to promote and improve the existence of goldfish life and fanciers. In inside this dedication, Nevada Goldfish available to supply high quality goldfish and give you opportunities to adopt them at reasonable prices, and also support all goldfish lovers and communities with providing Nevada Goldfish’s portals in internet. This is a pioneer step for goldfish hobby innovation, especially in Indonesia.

Nevada Goldfish cooperated with leading goldfish breeders in China and Thailand to make big jumps in Indonesia, and even around the world. Nevada Goldfish provides various type of goldfish, from the precious types to scarce types. The goldfish bred in natural ways in a well protected environment, and imported in well conditions. So Nevada’s goldfish can be guaranteed in its beauty and health. 

The central figure in Nevada Goldfish is Daniel Nevada. Daniel Nevada loves goldfish since he was a little boy. This passion drived him to established an innovator and goldfish promoter like Nevada Goldfish. Daniel Nevada has an opinion that goldfish were prestige and aesthetics kind of ornamental fish. Since many thousand years ago, goldfish has been appreciated and loved by much Chinese people. This value influenced to whole over the world until many eras. Daniel believed that Indonesian people would appreciate and love goldfish as like Chinese people does. Nevada Goldfish was established for not only selling goldfish, but also motivated to provides media center for all goldfish lovers and communities in Indonesia; and makes a new Goldfish Golden Era. This was Daniel Nevada and friend’s dream.

In order to make this dream comes true, Nevada Goldfish created some community portals in internet; such as on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Nevada Goldfish gives opportunity for all people around the universe to come and join with goldfish lovers community. In this interesting community, we build friendships and goldfish care. This is also a pioneer step by Nevada Goldfish in building a heterogeneous community.

What Nevada Goldfish is Not
  • Nevada Goldfish is not ornamental fish centre. Nevada Goldfish only provide Goldfish, because we are specialize in this ornamental fish. Also Nevada Goldfish is one of the best gateway to join goldfish online community in internet. This role is fully dedicated for all goldfish keepers and lovers.
  • Nevada Goldfish is not a goldfish organization which invites people to join together as member group under company’s name. Nevada Goldfish just a simply form of appreciation for goldfish, also appreciated goldfish fanciers and communities all the ways; and share all within goldfish aspects to all fanciers and others goldfish group. Togetherness is main point in goldfish development, especially for Indonesian goldfish development progress.
  • Nevada Goldfish is not a goldfish event organizer nor goldfish competition organizer. Nevada Goldfish is not engaged in that way, but Nevada Goldfish always supports all competition or goldfish events which would give positive impacts for goldfish, fanciers and other people.
  • Nevada Goldfish is not supplying other various pets and animals (reptile, aves, mammal, etc.). Nevertheless, Nevada Goldfish also cherish various kind of ornamental fish, pet lovers, and all of sentient beings.

The Most Advanced Goldfish Online Community 

Since become goldfish online community and portals, Nevada Goldfish also invites all friends to become parts of long history of goldfish progress, especially in Indonesia. The atmosphere of brotherhood-sisterhood among fellow keepers and goldfish lovers all over the world is so obvious with sense of caring and togetherness. This is a positive trend that needs to be maintained or actually needs to be develop again. 

You must have a dream: A dream when once upon a time there’s goldfish lovers can mingle together in a community with diversity of background and personal character. A community that able to accommodate all goldfish lovers in togetherness. A community which conducive to mingle with many pals and new friends. A fun heterogenous community. If you have a similar dream, we have a good news for you that Nevada Goldfish is founded to fulfil your dream. Nevada Goldfish aware that there are so many dreams similar with this explanation above in outside. After you have made this so far, you will realize that your life will be meaningful if you can share your happiness with others. Nevada Goldfish portals joined by thousand persons in various country; and still count up until this momment.

As we can see in the intimacy between one variety of goldfish and other varieties, goldfish’s life is also live with togetherness. This is Nevada Goldfish’s inspiration when Daniel decided to develop a heterogenous goldfish online community. Nevada Goldfish hope this portals could become a tool that brings many keepers and fanciers from many countries to known each others and make friends until the end. Nevada Goldfish and friends believed, if we can make goldfish community becomes bigger; it would effects the progress of appreciation from many people about goldfish. If goldfish community becomes bigger and more, it is the sign that Goldfish Golden Era is near and we can reach our dream as soon as possible.

   Golden Regards,
   Daniel Nevada – Founder of Nevada Goldfish

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