EXPORT (We appreciate to be your partner and introduce our Goldfish to your country)


  • We provide only health Goldfish which free of disease.
  • Full payment before shipping. Payment should be made in full amount acceptance by our bank.
  • Standard documents provided are Invoice, Packing List, Airway Bill and Health Certificate.

We accept the payment by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or wire transfer. Payment should be paid on the sight of Proforma Invoice. We will apply the export schedule to the government and arrange the Health Certificate to get permit for this subject. We are skilled at goldfish scientific packing, about two times more secure of common packing, and still maintain our 100% health arrival rate.
Handpick healthy fish by experienced breeders, guarantee fish are free of diseases. Quarantinizing process will tooks 3-5 days in veterinary. We are committed to providing the best service to our customers by giving you the best selection at reasonable prices.
We are importer, exporter and promoter for many varieties of Goldfish in whole the world. We can provide Ranchu, Oranda, Ryukin, Moor, Butterfly Moor, Pearlscale, Crown Pearlscale, Lionhead, Bubble Eye, etc.
Shipment will deliver within 7 working days after full payment is received. Deliver is also subject to airlines approval of shipping space and customer confirmation of shipment. Customer must specify in purchase order what documents are required to avoid any delays in shipment.
Our product’s quality, size, and standard of packing and transportation ensure customer of their satisfaction all the cost. Our experience can guarantee the safety, secure and on time delivery. Our company is passing control’s of farm quality and fish health for export from Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine that confirms the quality and health of all fish from our company.
We have been devoting our deep efforts to reduce costs and improve the quality of our fish. We clearly understood that this is the highest expectation of our customers to get the most reasonable prices for the best selection fish. We can supply you export fish at all seasons in the year.

All inquiries are welcome. We would like to treat it with urgency, respect, and followed procedurally in secure manners. We could serve you as our partnership for long term business. If you want a professional Goldfish supplier, please do not reluctance to contact us. We are happy to receive your contact and inquiries, and not patience for starting a fruitful business with your esteemed company.


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